Hi. My name is Jill. I live in Pittsburgh and am this city’s biggest fan. I am a gym rat (favorite exercise activities: lifting weights, power yoga, and kick boxing). I am also a wife and have two awesome cats. Me in 30 words:

I have another blog, JoggingJeans.com, that is dedicated to people that jog and do other forms of exercise IN JEANS. Yeah, it was recently mentioned in Runner’s World Magazine. I frequently get emails and comments like these ones:

And it gave me the idea that there should be a single place where we can enjoy the hysterical, odd, and creative costumes that people wear while running races.

Oh, I also have a blog dedicated to awesome race signs – BestRaceSigns.wordpress.com

Yes, I have a life. No, I don’t really have the time to maintain all of these.

If you have a submission, send it to me at joggingjeans [@] gmail [.] com.

If you are awesome, email me or follow me on Twitter. I could use more awesomeness in my life. Bonus points in the awesomeness category if you are from Pittsburgh!

Can you guess which cat is the lazy one?

3 Comments on “About”

  1. trikatykid says:

    Now I am super excited for Halloween! Don’t feel like you have to respond to any of my comments! It was a fun look through.. Can’t believe I never followed this blog before?!

  2. runnermlf says:

    Been Reading Your posts and appreciate all your sharing. Nominated you for the Shine On Award.

  3. utalap says:

    Hi there, as I have enjoyed your posts I decided to nominate you for The Liebster Award. Please take the time to check it out here: http://wp.me/p1ccM2-bm
    Thank you! 🙂

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