“U” Tube Runner

Sock Monkey Runner


Milk and Cereal Runners

Miller High Life Beer Delivery Guy Runner

Cookie Monster and Cookie Runner

Zombie Nurse Runners

Thanks to Sarah for these pictures of her taken at the 918 CrossFit Zombie Run.

Cowboy and Indian Runner

Another Turkey Runner

Turkey Runner

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Runners

And, yes, I’m diggin’ her jorts!

Pumpkin Pie Runner

Pilgram Runner

American Indian Runner

Chef and Turkey Runners

Football Player Runner

What? No Steelers costumes? Someone do something about this.

Magic 8 Ball Runners

Sorry Board Game Runners

Gumby Runner

Bumble Bee Runner

Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps Runners

Gangnam Style Runners

A HUGE thanks (once again) to Rainbow Bright Anne for today’s picture taken during the 2012 Saint Paul Monster Dash this past weekend.

Naked Pumpkin Runners

Who knew this was a thing? Get naked, put a pumpkin on your head, and then run.

Cookies and Milk Runners

Witch Runner

Cymbal-Banging Monkey Runner


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